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What makes Rivyve different? Let us show you. We know recovery can mean the difference between life and death, that’s why, here at Rivyve, we strive to make this the only recovery experience you’ll ever need.

  • We acknowledge the fact that addiction has root causes in trauma, and we work to treat not just the addiction, but the pain and trauma underlying it.

  • We have licensed therapists who are specialized in addiction treatment and dedicated to your recovery.  Our therapists treat co-occurring disorders. These can range from depression and anxiety to post traumatic stress disorder.  The key to lasting healing is understanding your specific co-occurring disorder, addressing the pain and stressors that coincide with it, and recognizing how these create a state ripe for addiction.  Treating only the addiction is merely a band-aid.  We want to make sure this isn’t a temporary fix, but one that is permanent and life-long.

  • We use holistic modalities to address body, mind, and spirit to aid in healing on every level.  These work in conjunction with and complement your group and individual therapies.  Activity-based therapies such as yoga effect different areas of the brain than talk-therapy.  When we use both talk and physical activity therapies, we can create changes in brain function that can lead to lasting recovery.

  • We want you to feel proud of yourself and your efforts to obtain and maintain sobriety.  We will celebrate with you every step of the way. We will take pride in your every small win and every minute progression.  We want you to recognize your strengths and what you have to offer the world.  This will be a positive experience of growth, recovery, and healing.




Tel. 928-296-8898

2150 Silver Creek Rd, Bullhead City, AZ 86442 



Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm




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